The Istanbul Hub is a seminar series organized by Özyeğin University, Faculty of Aviation and Aeronuatical Sciences in the vibrant city of Istanbul. The aim of the seminar is to create knowledge and share this knowledge with the aviation stakeholders. All the presentations are recorded and can be accessed through website. 

The latest seminar organized is Inclusive Aviation: Transforming Air Travel Accessibility on the 19th of December 2023. Video recordings of Inclusive Aviation Seminar can be accessed on this link.

All Editions: 

1st Edition 2015: How Istanbul plans to become a major aviation center? Link

2nd Edition 2016: Airline strategies for a new airport in Istanbul? Link

3rd Edition 2017: Air Cargo and Logistic Strategies for İstanbul Hub. Link

4th Edition 2018: The Air Passenger Experience at İstanbul Hub – Link

5th Edition 2019: Latest Technology Trends in Aviation – Link