Air Cargo & Logistic Strategies for Istanbul Hub?

The Istanbul Hub is a project of the Faculty of Aviation of Ozyegin University in the vibrant city of Istanbul. The aim from the beginning, back in 2013, was to create a platform to discuss on the aviation developments of Istanbul.

The city is composed of two airports: Ataturk International Airport (IST – on the European Side of Istanbul) and Sabiha International  Airport (SAW – on the Asian side of Istanbul) that have been one of the fastest growing airports in the recent years with a combine traffic of 90 Million passengers in 2015 (Source: GDSAA). Both airports are reaching the limit on capacity and the difficulty of expanding Ataturk made the Turkish Government to define a greenfield airport project

The evolution of the new project and its future implications in the aviation map of Istanbul is issued on a yearly basis by industry and academic experts. The seminar is organized by the Faculty of Aviation with active involvement from students from different disciplines. The Istanbul Hub Seminar looks at the topic from different angles and tries to answer some important questions:

1st Edition 2015: How Istanbul plans to become a major aviation center? Link

2nd Edition 2016: Airline strategies for a new airport in Istanbul?Link

3th Edition 2017: Air Cargo & Logistic Strategies for Istanbul Hub? – Cargo & logistic driven