The Air Passenger Experience at Istanbul Hub

The seminar aims to discuss the air passenger experience at Istanbul airports. The New Istanbul Airport plans to open in 2018 and together with the existing Sabiha International Airport,  will be handling around 100 million passengers in 2019.   

The seminar combines a group of speakers from the academia and the industry and tries to involve Ozyegin University students in the preparation.This fourth edition of the seminar will be held on 3rd of May, 2018 at Ozyegin University.  If you want to get a flavor of the previous editions you can watch the videos of previous presentations.

Seminar is recorded and you can watch the videos of presentation on this link.

All Editions: 

4th Edition 2018: The Air Passenger Experience at İstanbul Hub – Link

3rd Edition 2017: Air Cargo and Logistic Strategies for İstanbul Hub. Link

2nd Edition 2016: Airline strategies for a new airport in Istanbul? Link

1st Edition 2015: How Istanbul plans to become a major aviation center? Link